£85 Rubery, Birmingham

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One of Treasure Hunters newest innovations for 2009. The Treasure Hunter XJ9-3050 is Treasure Hunters top of the line model. This detector was designed for the advanced user that is serious about treasure hunting. The 3050 has an amazing combination of technology to make it truly second to none among its peers. The 3050 has Treasure Hunters patented multi-frequency deep search technology found only in Treasure Hunter 3019, and XJ9-3050 metal detectors. This model is equipped with a powerful 32 bit Z-TEX Computer Microprocessor for increased depth and discrimination. The large LCD screen will visually indentify the target, the depth of the target, and pinpoint the target. This detector can achieve depths of 30cm 12inch for a coin the size of a 10 p and 16inch for bigger coins. for very large metal items the depth will vary to about 24 to 36 inches.

if interested please phone 07941 300029

please no offers as the price is low enough thanks

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